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How much does radio advertising cost?
It varies. The thing is…you’re not a “cookie-cutter” business…so we don’t provide cookie-cutter advertising solutions. It’s custom. You might need 60-second ads telling stories about you and your business to make people feel best about you when they need what you sell. Or maybe 30-second commercials are ok. There are even 15-second sponsorships to consider. And the number of competitors you have and how much advertising power or “voice” they have in Sioux Falls is a factor in how many ads you need to be airing each week to take a bite out of their market share. But don’t be afraid. We’ll talk. You’ll ask questions. I’ll ask questions. And get to the bottom of what it will take to make your Sioux Falls radio advertising work!

Which radio stations should I be on?
This is a question that’s kind of important…but not as important as you might think. At Results Radio Townsquare Media we have 8 radio stations. Stations that cover a pretty wide variety of people. But you never really know exactly who’s listening to what. There are Grandmas listening to Hot 104.7. There are city slickers listening to Kikn 100.5. There are 32-year old females who love listening to classic rock on Bee 102.7…and then switching it over to ESPN 99.1. You have men tuning into Delilah on Easy 100.1 and in the morning they had it on Ben & Patty on Mix 97.3… and over to KSOO AM 1140 talk radio in the afternoon. And KXRB Classic Country AM 1000 brings you those people who still love the good ‘ol sound of country from the past. Most people actually have about 3 stations they habitually tune in to. So…ONE station doesn’t “own” ONE audience. It’s why one station can reach so many. And multiple stations can reach so many…more times. I’d say about 75% of businesses could get a good return on investment on any of our stations. Of course, there may be some that might not be a good fit…and others might be a more perfect fit than something else. We’ll figure that out – but the most important thing to get right – is the message we put on the radio for you.

Will my radio advertising work?
We touched on this at the very end of the last paragraph. How do you get it to work? The ingredient that matters most in your advertising plan are the words you’re using and the manner you’re using them to communicate to the public. Think of it this way… Even if you find the cheapest, rock bottom pricing for advertising that could give you oodles of commercials, it’s still a waste of money if you don’t SAY something in your advertising that motivates them to do business with YOU instead of your competition. Making radio advertising work isn’t about “radio”. Radio is just a great way to communicate with a lot of people. It’s a vehicle delivering a message to the public. When you make sure you’re saying something in your ads that people care about and that will move them closer to doing business with you…THEN your advertising will work. Just make sure your message is interesting to other people. It’s not about you. It’s about them. You might wish people cared about a certain element within your business…but they may not. Doing the research about what will make an impact on your prospects is my job also. Digging for the right information is what will help create a radio campaign worth keeping. How many ads do I have to run? That all depends on what you want your advertising to accomplish. Are you looking for a few extra folks in your doors during a Groundhog Day Sale? Or do you want to become a household name in the community? I can help you with both. I can help you gather a crowd (as long as there’s a great incentive to get them there). And I also can help you create a consistent advertising campaign where you don’t have to depend on sales, discounts, and gimmicks to gain a consistent flow of new, profitable customers. Which one sounds better to you? If you’re going for the “household name” in the Sioux Falls area and would like to take a bigger chunk of market share…then you’re going to want to shoot for around 1000 ads per year on a radio station. Now, that’s a rough estimate. You may need more…you may need less. And you can also start with a smaller group to advertise to (like on a morning show only) if your budget doesn’t allow for an “all-day” plan. There’s no one-size fits all. We’ll customize it to fit your unique situation and goal. Want to draw a crowd for a special event or a sale? Start with 40-60 ads per event per station. Maybe we need to pack those 40-60 ads in 5 days. Maybe spread them over 2 weeks. Lots of variables. \

Who writes and creates the ad?
We do. What if I want to write my own radio script? Sure. I’ll just offer a helping hand and a second set of eyes on what you’ve written. (Writing ads and hearing the final product come to life is the favorite part of my job)

What does it cost to have a radio ad written and produced?
Zip. We have about 20 “in-house” voices / DJs / production people who voice ads. There’s no charge for that. There’s no charge for creating, editing, or final production of the radio spot. But if you want an “out-of-market” voice that’s unique to this area…we can find great voices for you for about $50 per radio spot. How often do I get a new ad? Whenever you wish. We suggest switching out the ads when the average listener hears it about 12 to 20 times. And that can be between usually 3 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the frequency of radio ads airing each week. It’s soooo important to freshen up your commercials. You have so many things to share…don’t try to cram it all in one ad. Great marketing is a process. Let’s share your stories. Let’s let people get to know you and trust you before they ever even buy from you. And if you have a TV spot that’s been airing for over 4 months…it’s probably not doing much good for you any more. I know it’s expensive to get good TV production…but it’s not expensive to get good radio production and an ad strategy that can begin to move the needle for your business.

Can I try radio for just a few weeks to see if it works?
Absolutely. But I probably won’t take your money. The strength of “the right” radio advertising is making your business one of the top options when someone needs a product or service that you happen to provide. And that can’t happen in just a couple of weeks. Can I create some radio for you that will get attention…and that will cause people to say, “Hey, I heard your radio ad.” ? You bet. But the real results and the meaty portion of your return on investment comes around the 3 to 4-month mark. It also depends on your industry. How often does someone buy what you sell? Once a month? Once every 5 years? Every week? The more often people need to buy what you sell, the faster your advertising will work for you. If you want your radio advertising to work immediately, then you better have a fantastic offer (Mega Sale) for the public. But let me WARN you – the better something works in the short-term…the worse it works in the long-term. And vice-versa.

Do you have references?
You bet I do! Who better to help you become more confident in doing radio advertising in Sioux Falls the right way…than my current radio advertising clients? If you’d like to speak to or email any of my clients to ask them anything you’d like about working with me or anything about their experience with Results Radio and advertising in general, just ask. I’ll get you a list of my very own clients. They tend to be pretty smart, too! So, while you’re talking to them, why not ask them about their own road to success? I would.

What’s a good radio ad?
Anything that engages a listener and keeps them interested in what you’re saying in the ad…is a start. Just don’t forget to SELL in the ad. But it doesn’t have to be a “hard sell”. Preferrably NOT. What do you want your advertising to do? Creating a good ad (or complete radio advertising campaign isn’t an easy task. Here’s something that might blow your mind about your radio ads: THE FEWER THE TIMES YOUR BUSINESS NAME IS MENTIONED…THE MORE EFFECTIVE THE AD CAN BE. You may say What?!!! That’s proposterous. Ridiculous. Ludicrous! But many ad writers or business owners writing their own ad copy will mention your business name BEFORE anybody actually cares about what you’re saying. You want people to WANT you to mention your business name. There used to be an old rule about mentioning your business name at least 3 to 5 times in a 30-second radio spot. Whoa! Seriously? That’s like believing that smacking people in their face is a great way to engage them in a conversation. If you do it right…your radio spot will focus on your prospect, their needs, and how you can HELP them…not about the business.

We’d like to try some Radio, now what?
You own a business. You decide that you want to try some radio. That’s good! And I’m glad you found me! But before you write me a check for a week or two of radio…I’m going to explain a few things to you. Because I COULD just take your money, write you a radio ad, have it produced, and air it on one of our radio stations. Easy peasy, right? BUT… if I was the kind of ad person that did that, your radio ads wouldn’t work, and you’d never hear from me again. What I will do is talk to you about what you’d like your radio advertising to accomplish specifically. I’ll ask about your business goals. I’ll DIG IN to find out how we can make your advertising work better than you’ve ever experienced locally here in Sioux Falls. I’m going to suggest we don’t just shoot from the hip and “try radio”. I’ll suggest that we turn your investment into something more than you expect. I’ll tell you some things about advertising that you’ve NEVER heard from anyone else in town. I consider myself a kind of marketing consultant. And a true, knowledgable, unbiased consultant will speak the truth to you. Wouldn’t that be nice? All I want is to help you. If that means that maybe radio isn’t right for you…then so be it. We want to run during the “drive times”… Do you know how many times I’ve been told, “I want all of my ads to run during the drive times. Morning drive and afternoon drive.” I can usually talk them out of it. Hey…I don’t care what times your radio ads air. But I’m going to talk you out of “drive times” because it’s not even close to being worth the extra cost for you. The drive time in Sioux Falls is a maximum of 20 minutes. Maybe a bit more for the out-of-towners. So…that’s a tight window. And your prospect needs to hear an ad at least 3 times a week to start really making an impact. And do you realize how busy we all are? And stressed? And bombarded with distractions? So, don’t hang the success of your radio advertising campaign on a few short windows of advertising each day. Have you seen traffic lately? There are vehicles out at all times of the day. A lot. I often wonder what these people do for a living. And did you know people listen to the radio at all different times of the day? It’s best to pay a lower ad rate per spot and hit an entire listening audience. Even if you only focused on a 4-hour morning show…you’d still be talking to a lot more people than if you only did the “drive times”. It’s something that was taught in a marketing school a long time ago for radio salespeople in enormous cities with 2-hour average commute times. Not Sioux Falls. I still wouldn’t recommend drive times in a bigger city because you just can’t predict when people listen. It’s all over the board. So, you might as well do an even spread across the whole day. 3 to 4 radio spots per day is the minimum number of ads you need to air. Then you’re reaching the entire audience. Not just a sliver of it. Just because someone listens in the afternoon to a particular radio station, doesn’t mean they listen to the same station’s morning show – and vice-versa.